60mm Diameter The caliber adds thickly
The toilet used the home advanced (pipeline to apply glaze) the technology, this technology greatly enhanced the toilet pollution discharge washout effect, solved the pipeline endophragm surface roughness, the water-absorptivity has been big, used for a long time easily to absorb the contamination to hang filthily, even easy to stop up, the interior was not smooth, dumps pollutants not smoothly, the pipeline interior had the dark crack, caused the product water leakage counter-smelly and so on the difficult problems; The pollution discharge pipeline diameter enlarges 60mm, surpasses the profession standard 30% cause pollution discharge to be smoother.

Water - saving 3/6L
The toilet uses 6L/3L environmental protection saving water design.With present market in some “the water-preservation” the toilet product different is, our 3L/6L flushed the water to include has made up the water and so on to need to complete one time flushes the water all water consumptions, was in the true sense saving water toilet.

The leading world development “the wisdom clean nanometer glazed surface technology” will cause place sanitary equipment product and so on bedpan bedpan, trough class clean questions to be easily solved.The ultra even surface and the ion isolate the wall the dual protections, can maintain the porcelain surface to be pure for a long time.Saves “two waters used” massively, does not need you to spend more energy, gets it over and done.Smooth surface sustainably to 100 years, saving water and cleanly with in.





Ultra - Swirling - Type Flushing
Flushing super speed, ultra pure! Wider 3 inch flush valves, have created the unusual formidable flushing strength, simultaneously has achieved the 4.8L saving water environmental protection standard.By advanced technical guarantee strong flushing effect.Saving water, is worthy of the name.The ultra xuan type flushing pattern contrast original ordinary flushing pattern, by xuan the reply strong momentum, causes the contamination to flush continuously to at the same time, the bedpan endophragm also one and pure, but also may save 20% about the water used.One time flushes only, highly effective saving water.

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